2017 Jul 31

The Impossible [HD Caps + Photos]

We added 5100+ HD screencaps of Tom in his 2012 movie “The Impossible” where he played Lucas (We know, a lot of screencaps, but he’s got a lot of screentime!). You can learn more about this project and all of Tom’s projects in our site’s Filmography section. This movie is so powerful and heartwarming. It focuses on the humanity and strength rising in the aftermath of the most traumatic events a person can experience, in this case the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami in Thailand. Tom is astonishing in this film, he delivers the best performance we’ve ever seen from such a young actor (14 at the time). It was also his first feature film so be sure to see this one if you haven’t already! We also added screencaps from the deleted scenes and the making of, high quality production stills, behind the scenes photos and posters to the photogallery.

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