2018 Apr 07

The Graham Norton Show [Videos + Caps]

As you already know Tom made an appearance on The Graham Norton Show to talk Avengers and other hilarious things last night on BBC One. We managed to add 2000+ high definition screencaptures from the full interview and also linked a couple of clips from the show below!

I’d had one too many when a friend of mine dragged me over to meet Madonna. All the way there I was thinking: ‘What should I say?’ And all I came up with was ‘Hello’. To cover the awkward moment my friend told Madonna, ‘Tom is an incredible dancer’… and we she asked me to show her, I took her by the hand and started dancing with her. As soon as I took her, I realized this was a mistake. A big mistake. Now, I used to do a lot of dancing, but that was all choreographed. I didn’t wing it! I didn’t just go on a stage and put on a different show every night. So I start dancing with her, and there’s not much arms involved. I’m just doing a little two-step to try and warm myself up. She’s so unimpressed that I just bailed and left! I leave Madonna on the dance floor!
The next day I tell my family what happened, my dad was laughing, my mother was cringing and the best reaction of all was from my little brother who said, “Who’s Madonna?!”

Watch Clip 1 | Clip 2 | Clip 3

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