2019 Jun 26

Tom covers Esquire China [Photoshoot + Cover]

Tom is gracing the June 2019 Cover of Esquire China and was photographed by the acclaimed Chinese photographer Chen Man and styled by Christine Nelli! The magazine is available in China! We also added a few amazing photos from the photoshoot! Check them out! We also added a lot of missing photos to the Gallery so check it out!

“I’m was little nervous when Spider-Man: Far From Home started production. It was the first time Robert (Downey Jr.) was not there, and prior to this he always been next to me, to give me tips and he taught me so much. But we have to move forward, and I realize that we had to say goodbye to Robert, but we still have Samuel Jackson, Jon Favreau, my old friend Jacob Batalon, and Jake Gyllenhaal, I know that I am not alone, but I can be with these nice people and we are fighting together. They are all amazing people. I feel lucky to have them around.

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