2019 Sep 03

Tom covers GQ Style [New Photoshoot]

Tom is gracing the September 2019 Cover of GQ Style and was photographed by Fanny Latour-Lambert. We added quite a few UHQ photos from the photoshoot and will add screencaps from the behind the scenes video soon! Also added the high quality magazine cover. You can check out 2 videos by clicking on the links under the thumbnails. Check them out!

Tom Holland loves golf. He thinks about it constantly. He plays rounds on public courses and on courses that used to be the exclusive province of kings. He plays while on movie press tours in Asia and Europe and the United States. If he’s not currently playing golf, there is almost always some part of his mind that is just anticipating the next time he’ll be able to. “I don’t know what has happened,” Holland says, “but it has become my addiction. I go to sleep thinking about playing golf the next day.” The two of us are, in fact, in the back of an SUV, traveling through Holland’s native London on our way to play right now. READ MORE

Watch: GQ Actually Me | Shoot Behind the Scenes

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