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2021 Oct 26

Uncharted [Trailer + Stills + HD Caps]

Uncharted [Trailer + Stills + HD Caps]

Hello everyone! It’s been a while, but I’m finally back with an update! Sony Pictures released the official trailer for Tom’s upcoming movie UNCHARTED opening February 22, 2022. We’re so excited for this one because we’re huge fans of the games and while playing Uncharted 3 a few years ago we both thought that Tom would be a perfect Nathan Drake and when it was announced that he would play Nate we were over the moon! The trailer looks amazing! We also added high quality production stills and high def screencaps from both the trailer and the featurette! Go check everything out in the Gallery!

Based on one of the best-selling, most critically acclaimed video game series of all time, Uncharted introduces audiences to the young street-smart Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) and showcases his first treasure hunting adventure with wisecracking partner Victor “Sully” Sullivan (Mark Wahlberg). In an action-adventure epic that spans the globe, the two go in dangerous pursuit of “the greatest treasure never found” while also tracking clues that may lead to Nathan’s long-lost brother..

2020 Oct 22

First look at Uncharted [Production Still]

First look at Uncharted [Production Still]

It’s been over a decade since work began on a movie based on Naughty Dog’s popular Uncharted games. In that time, the film has cycled through seven directors, five release dates, and a series of scripts and actors. But we finally have a photo of Tom Holland — who’ll be playing a younger version of Nathan Drake — in full costume as the character gives the best evidence yet that the film is actually happening this time.

The shot is admittedly not much to go by — just a still of Holland in Drake’s cargo pants / henley combo and matching pistol holsters. But looking closely reveals the ring, which, in the game’s canon, belongs to Nathan’s maybe-ancestor Sir Francis Drake.

The story is a prequel to the games, starring Holland as a younger Drake, showing us details of how he came to meet and befriend Sully.

2020 Aug 05

First look at The Devil All the Time [Production Stills]

First look at The Devil All the Time [Production Stills]

We finally added the first amazing production stills from Tom’s upcoming movie The Devil All the Time! The Netflix drama is the new movie from filmmaker Antonio Campos and is based on novelist Donald Ray Pollock’s 2011 family saga of the same name.

“It’s a multi-strand narrative set between the end of World War II and the beginning of America’s involvement in Vietnam in which a motley group of characters’ lives all intersect,” says the director. “I was really eager to work with Antonio because his previous films that I’ve seen are very raw,” says Holland. “I guess it was the challenge of doing a different accent, playing the rural kid, a period film, a new director. Everything ticked the boxes for me.”

“Tom is a very sweet person and a very generous actor but he’s willing to go wherever he needs to go emotionally for the character,” says Campos. “He wanted to go where he had to go. Tom’s electric. He’s sort of sitting there doing nothing and is immensely watchable.”

In Knockemstiff, Ohio and its neighboring backwoods, sinister characters—an unholy preacher (Robert Pattinson), twisted couple (Jason Clarke and Riley Keough), and crooked sheriff (Sebastian Stan)—converge around young Arvin Russell (Tom Holland) as he fights the evil forces that threaten him and his family. Spanning the time between World War II and the Vietnam war, director Antonio Campos’ ‘The Devil All the Time’ renders a seductive and horrific landscape that pits the just against the corrupted.

The Devil All the Time premiers on Netflix on September 16th.

2019 Apr 25

Tom teases Spider-Man’s adventure abroad in Far From Home

Tom teases Spider-Man’s adventure abroad in Far From Home

What happens when your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man ventures out of the neighborhood? Spider-Man: Far From Home follows teenager Peter Parker across the pond as he hangs up his Spidey suit for a class trip to Europe. If the Peter of 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming longed for more grown-up, world-saving responsibility, this Peter is a bit more willing to hang on to his youth and spend a few weeks not stopping supervillains.

“Peter’s ready for a vacation at the beginning of this movie, to say the least,” returning director Jon Watts tells EW of the hardworking hero. “This film is about the world telling him, ‘It’s time for you to step up and grow up, kid,’ and he’s saying, ‘But I still want to be a kid and go on vacation.’”

Unfortunately for Peter, the forces of evil have other plans. His attempts to prolong his childhood felt relatable to Holland and Watts, and relatability runs deep in Spider-Man’s veins (not unlike a certain radioactive spider venom). After all, most of us have more in common with an awkward kid from Queens than a golden Asgardian god or a de-iced World War II supersoldier. When Homecoming hit theaters two summers ago, Holland waded through comments on social media to see what fans most connected with and what he should explore in the sequel. The overwhelming answer was Peter’s approachability.

“Everyone really enjoyed the fact that throughout [Homecoming], there’s always something you can relate to with him,” Holland explains. “So in this film, especially, we tried to tailor the script in a way so that we could hit so many different relatable scenarios, so that not a single person in the world felt left out watching this movie.”

Still, not all Peter’s problems are universal. Despite his desire to lie low and explore London, Prague, and Venice with his friends, Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) recruits him to help battle a mysterious quartet called the Elementals, who can manipulate nature. Since Peter doesn’t want to expose his secret identity by gallivanting around Europe in Spidey’s tights, Fury lends him an all-black stealth suit. (“It kind of looks like Black Widow — maybe it was one of her suits and they just tailored it,” Watts quips.)

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