Edge of Winter

Character: Bradley Baker
Directed by: Rob Connolly
Written by: Rob Connolly, Kyle Mann
Produced by: Independent Edge Films in association with JoBro Productions & Film Finance
Other cast: Joel Kinnaman, Shiloh Fernandez
Release date: 2 August 2016
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Running time: 89 min
Short Synopsis

Elliot Baker seizes the chance to develop a better relationship with his sons when his ex-wife, Karen, and her new husband take a vacation and leave the boys with him. What starts as a bonding opportunity turns into a nightmarish adventure when they get stranded in a deserted cabin near the lake as night falls and a snowstorm rages. Bradley, 15, and Caleb, 12, quickly learn more about their father and what they truly mean to him in this gripping tale of family and survival.

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Edge of Winter is a 2016 drama film directed by Rob Connolly and written by Rob Connolly and Kyle Mann, starring Joel Kinnaman, Tom Holland, and Percy Hynes White. The film produced by Independent Edge Films in association with JoBro Productions & Film Finance. The filming took place in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.

Tom’s Character: Bradley Baker

Bradley is a 15 year-old boy and Elliot’s eldest son. He’s a brave young man who, although he cares about his father, is forced to take actions against him in order to protect himself and his younger brother.

Full Cast

Joel Kinnaman as Elliot Baker
Tom Holland as Bradley Baker
Percy Hynes White as Caleb Baker
Rossif Sutherland as Luc
Shiloh Fernandez as Richard
Shaun Benson as Ted
Patrick Garrow as Gas Station Clerk
Rachelle Lefevre as Karen


Extended Synopsis

Spoiler Alert

Divorced Elliot Baker, who has just lost his job after punching his boss after a workplace accident, jumps at the chance to spend time with his two boys, teenager Bradley and younger Caleb. After their mother drops the boys off, they discover Elliot’s shotgun in his bedroom. Elliot chastises them, then decides it’d be a good bonding experience to teach the boys about firearm safety. The trio head out to Elliot’s old lumber yard in the wilderness, en route Elliot discovers text messages on Brad’s phone expressing Brad’s displeasure with spending time with his father. Elliot hides Brad’s phone, so he can spend more time with him.

At the lumber yard, Elliot begins his lesson and alienates Brad after mocking him while firing the gun. Caleb and Elliot bond while shooting, and Elliot agrees to take them home after both shoot one more round. Caleb kills a rabbit, which greatly disturbs him, and the three begin to leave. Brad is concerned about Elliot drinking and driving, so Elliot hands Brad the keys and teaches him how to drive. Caleb and Brad get into a slapping match, which results in the car sliding off the road and becoming stuck. The three spend the night in the car, where Caleb tells Elliot about his step-father’s promotion and their upcoming move to London. Distraught, Elliot has a brief moment of anger before the three fall asleep.

In the morning, Elliot suggests the three head to a nearby hunting lodge to gather supplies, as they would freeze or starve attempting to reach the road. On the way, Brad falls through some ice and is rescued by Elliot. In the lodge, Caleb starts a fire, and Elliot expresses his anger at losing his family when they move to London. The next morning, the three are startled when two hunters, Richard and Luc, arrive also seeking shelter. Elliot is suspicious of the men, and has them disarm before letting them inside.

Elliot begins to slowly lose his mind. He follows Richard to his truck, and attempts to stop him from contacting help. A brief scuffle happens, and Elliot unintentionally kills Richard. Brad and Caleb realize that their father has lost his mind and plan an escape. They hear a gunshot, rush out and see that their father has killed a deer. Luc arrives, and suspects Elliot has killed Richard. Elliot punches Luc and attempts to shoot him, but misses due to Caleb’s efforts. Elliot takes the boys back to the cabin and locks them inside their room, promising to take care of them. Brad pries up a floor board, and Caleb escapes, seeing Richard’s corpse under the house. Caleb finds Luc in his truck, and Luc agrees to take him to safety along with Brad. Brad pries up another board, and starts a fire in the house.

While Brad flees, Elliot chases him through the woods. Luc arrives to help, but is beaten to death by Elliot. Brad and Caleb make it to the truck and begin to drive off. Elliot catches up with the boys and pleads with them through an open window to stay. Brad speeds up, Elliot hangs on to Caleb but Caleb kicks him off. The two hold each other as Brad drives off into the night to seek help.


Frank Scheck of The Hollywood Reporter was impressed by the play of Kinnaman, Holland and Hynes White. He says: “Kinnaman delivers a superb turn, especially in such scenes as when the boys tell their helpless father that they’ll soon be moving to London with their mother and her new husband. Holland and White also are excellent as the boys who still love their father even while becoming ever more aware of his failings. Their quietly terrified reactions to his escalating belligerence is far more emotionally wrenching than the tired thriller genre conventions to which the film ultimately succumbs.”

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